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Good Reads, Rapid Response, Armour of War and Falling Asleep in a Toy Box

Well, how was your weekend?

For my house, it was chaotic as Son no 2 celebrated his second birthday, so we had a house filled with kids and family. It was more exhausting than any of the workouts and training programs I set you lot to do!

Tactical Water Pistol Training with the boys in preparation for the ensuing birthday celebrations

Tactical Water Pistol Training with the boys in preparation for the ensuing birthday celebrations

Even the special birthday set we did in the Saturday Kettlebell class in his honour. You’ll need one kettle and an interval timer. Set the timer to go off every 2mins continually and do the following:

1: Burning four x 2min 2: Full arm plank x 2 min 3: Around the body x 2min each direction 4: Figure 8’s x 2min 5: Press x 2min left 6: press x 2min right 7: Bodyweight Squat x 2min 8: Static bridge hold x 2min 9: bent over row x 2min left 10: bent over row x 2 min right 11: Lunge x 2min right 12: Lunge x 2min left 13: swings x 2min left 14: swing x 2min right

Do the whole thing continuously with no breaks.


Good Reads For the Week

Now to make up for my lack of anything informative to write about today, I’m going to share someone elses work. There’s a strength coach I regularly steal ideas from, the latest of which was the Skater Squat Iso Hold my regulars have been having fun with this week:

It’s as fun as it looks! But it’s great for the knee stability.

Ben also writes a (fairly) regular feature where he collects a shed load of the best articles from the best coaches and collated them into a single list called “Good Reads for the Week” This latest edition is especially good because I’m on the list, click on the image below and his page will open in a new tab:

Click Image to open the site

Click Image to open the site

Rapid Response

This Sunday will see the Rapid Response 1 day Knife Defence Skills workshop being run. It’s a full day of fluff free, BS free, no nonsense information that is tried and tested effective. There are still a few places available on the day, simply get in touch to book. More info can be found HERE

The next time I’ll be running this will be in Tramore on July 27th, details to follow.

Bodyweight Training

You all know I love me some bodyweight training, I’ve written plenty about it in the past. Well, there’s a guy named Tom Furman, he is also a big fan of the method. I just read an eBook of his titled “Armour of War, Augmented Bodyweight Training and the Art of Minimalism”

My verdict on the book?

Get it.

Click on the image for more info

A no nonsense resource

A no nonsense resource

And that’s me done, I have to go, the Missus just told me Son no 2 is asleep in the toy box and I have to try and get him into his bed…..


Dave Hedges

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