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Fitness in 15 Minutes? Yes its possible

Time seem to be the number one reason people give for struggling to reach their fitness goals.

That’s not really surprising when you factor in the current modern life.

Many of my guys commute anywhere from 20 to 90 minutes each way to a job that eats up 8-10 hours of their day.

And then they have families to spend time with.

And somewhere at the bottom of the pile come their own physical ambitions, be that sports, aesthetics or simply being strong, mobile and enduring.

It’s easy to see how training can take a back seat

But does it have to?

I’ve very fond memories of one former member of my Lunchtime Fitness sessions. This is a midday training opportunity that is relished by the time starved office workers within a 1 mile radius of WG-FIT

This particular member had recently changed jobs. His lunch break was now more strict and he was a bit further from the gym. He averaged a 50 hour work week, 40 min commute each way with 3 young kids waiting for him when he got home. He had 1 hour for lunch.

So what did he do?

He downloaded a countdown timer app to his phone, spoke with me about a plan and he got on with it.

We timed his warm up. Stripped away any excess till we got it under 7 minutes. We picked the exercises most congruent with his needs and put them into non competing pairs. Each time he came in he did a 2 exercises in supersets and that’s it.

He went back and forth between them using the EDT protocol (I’ve written about this protocol many times) Three workouts per week 7 min warm up, 7 movements 15 min of work sets, 2 exercises per session, exercises in total. When the timer ran out, he recorded his reps and hit the shower.



Every 5th week he’d simply do the warm up as a circuit for the 15 minutes instead of lifting

And in the 10 years WG-FIT has run, I’ve never seen a body change as fast in terms of aesthetics (something that is never the focus of our training) His strength and fitness hit levels he’s never had before or since his job took him to another country.

Time is a problem.

But with a bit of thought and a spot of discipline, it’s a problem we can work around.

Is this something you need help with? If so, get in touch.

Regards Dave Hedges

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