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Fighter’s For Life Charity Seminar

Last month I posted about an upcoming event that was organised with the help of Martial Arts instructors across Ireland to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis.

Many of the top instructors from around the country were to be in attendance, free of charge to teach seminars throughout the day. As a visitor to the event you would have had the chance to participate in as many of these seminars as you could fit in (I certainly planned to take part in a few other than my own) for a minimal cost, which would have been donated to charity.

This sounds like a fantastic idea to me. But unfortunately the event has been cancelled due to a lack of interest from you lot.

At the time I posted 9 instructors were due to perform, there were several more since then. If we are able to give our time for a good cause why can’t you?

Is six hours of training with a variety of notable martial arts instructors not worth €50? Is €50 too much for you to donate to charity?

I, frankly, am disgusted. I know exactly how many views my web page gets and what pages get viewed, there have been visitors to the seminar page. The Martial Arts Ireland and Boards forums are frequently visited by MA’ers and non MA’ers alike. So it’s not as if you didn’t know about the event.

If you heard about the event but didn’t get in touch, because “I’ll do it later” or “that sounds good, maybe I’ll go down”, “or great, but I’m an apathetic lazy ass and can’t be bothered”

Then thanks.

What could have been the premier martial arts event in this country, a fantastic charity fund raiser and a learning opportunity for all who attended has been cancelled thanks to you.

Hang your heads in shame people. I’m embarrassed to be associated with you.

Martial Artists are supposed to be active, voracious people. We are supposed to help the community and those around us. We nearly all started training to improve ourselves, now it’s time to help others.

Get in touch with Paul O Leary (, the man who got the ball rolling and apologise, take responsibility for your actions. Be a martial artist, be a warrior and be counted for your failure to support the event, the Irish Martial Arts community and the poor kids suffering from this debilitating disease (that includes Paul’s own kids)

You know who you are

Wild Geese Martial Arts any cause but our own

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