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Feedback for No Equipment, No Excuses

Feedback for No Equipment, No Excuses is already coming in and it’s only just gone live!

That say to me that there is a bigger demand than I first thought for information regarding correct and proper bodyweight training methods. While I admit I first started putting the manual together for my own reference and had to be talked into selling it online (it’s kinda scary putting yourself in the spotlight!), I am very pleased, if a little taken aback by the response I’m getting for it.

At first I just wanted to compile a collection of the best Bodyweight exercises and drills available. Stuff that I’d used on the road or turned to when time was just too short to get to the gym and back. I spent a lot of time looking for drills that will work strength, build muscle, create stamina and endurance, and basically work every part of the human body. While the volume is by no means complete, it is a great start point and more than enough for most.

What I want to stress is that you study the pictures and read the descriptions, more than once. Proper form and range of motion is important, the last thing I need on my conscience is a list of people calling me up with injuries!

So train safe, train hard and enjoy the No Equipment, No Excuses lifestyle.


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