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Explaining BioPsychoSocial and Gym Culture

During an Assessment appointment a few days ago, we got into the subject of how not all muscle tightness is caused by a physical problem, particularly in the neck and jaw.

He asked what Biopsychosocial means. This was, as best as I remember, What I told him:

“The biopsychosocial model is a three legged stool that you sit on. One leg is “bio” ie muscles, bones, tendons etc, your physical body Another leg is “psycho” ie your mental state, how you think, how you interpret the world The final leg is “social” ie do you have a dog?

If the stool is wobbling, we look to see which leg needs the most work, and that’s our entry point. ”

It seemed to make a lot of sense to him, you could see the tension leave his jaw as we talked about each leg in turn. As he thought about his current social situation with a new job, living in a new country etc He thought about how he felt about the job, his role and the new environment.

Then we went to work on what we do best, the bio….

After all, I’m a coach running physical training.

But is that really all we do?

Ask any of our old members who’ve moved on, usually because of work or family changes. And they’ll all say how much this little gym has meant to them. How they still feel perfectly welcome to dro in any time they are passing.

In fact twice in the closing months of last year this happened. Out of the blue a couple of former members showed up at the door and dropped in for a chat. One who’d been living in France for a few years, the other traveling Asia for over a year, but had lived away from Dublin longer.

This speaks volumes for the gym community.

It fills the “Social” and to a large degree the “Psycho” elements, even though we specialise in the “Bio”

Largely because of the strict No Dickhead rule we enforce

I’m proud of what we have achieved, and the effect we have on our members.

Perhaps you could be next?

Regards Dave Hedges

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