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Dinny Collins on Anxiety and How to Train for the Mile

We’re working pretty hard at Wg-Fit on getting the Mighty Mile up to speed.

Thankfully we’re not alone in this, we have people coming on board to help out.

One such person is our friend Dinny Collins.

Dinny is the owner and head coach at Dinny Collins Fitness in the North County Dublin town of Swords.

And while I’ve known Dinny for a number of years through workshops, courses and the like, I was never aware of his personal struggles with Anxiety.

So when he agreed to do a video on how his fitness training helps his mental health, it was a big deal for him. One that I completely respect.

Please take a moment to listen to Dinny, and then share his message among your own networks.

I’ve had a few requests for suggestions on how to develop endurance, particularly the type of endurance for this kind of event.

In my personal view point, and the point of the challenge, is that events such as this should go beyond the physical.

If you were there last year, you’d know what I mean.

Does that mean training isn’t necessary?

Absolutely not.

What it means is you have to train at a moderately difficult pace, for a fairly high volume.

If you intend to do a mile of swings, you better have the technical side of the lift nailed. And then you want to have several thousand repetitions under your belt. How you collect these repetitions is up to you, here’s a few suggestions:

Ladders: My current rep count is an example of this. I do 5 rounds of 10,15, 25, 50. Thats 100 reps per ladder, 500 per workout.

Density: Set a time limit, say 15 minutes, do as many swings as you can, next session try to beat that total by at least 1 rep.

Daily Debt: Pick a rep total, say 500, and aim to collect that amount over the course of the day.

Undulating Intensity: Have varying degrees of intensity through the week, A hard day, easy day, Very Hard day, Medium Day. Essentially go all out on hard day, call that 100% So your week may go: M: 100% , Tu: 80% , Wed: Off , Th: 110% , Fri: Off ,  Sat 60%

Key point is to ensure adequate, but not complete recovery. Endurance requires the ability to work under fatigue, so train tired. This is a mental discipline as much as physical. The split above is M/T/T/S, which works a charm, 4 sessions, enough rest but never complete.

Every few weeks, back off to avoid burn out.

And ensure you eat, sleep and hydrate, otherwise it’s all for naught.

Now, have a look at Dinny’s post, and make sure you hit the Donate button, this money is needed to fund some serious research that will change the way Mental Health is treated in this country of ours!


Dave Hedges

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