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Breathe Better, do Everything Else Better

Hopefully you should know by now that I'm a huge fan of breathing, in fact I honestly believe that improving your breathing ability is potentially the single most effective means to improving your overall performance and health.

I've also discovered (thanks to a google search) how this IGTV stuff works.....

So here are two video's I've put up recently on IGTV about breathing. 19 minutes of me chatting and drawing pictures that would honestly have taken hours of typing if I were to do them as written blog posts!

This is the first video, covering the basics:

In this second video we talk about how your posture may be making breathing optimally difficult and what you can do about it:

And then we have this wonderful little bit of confirmation bias on my part that I saw posted by top S&C Coach Mike Boyle on Nitric Oxide:

If you're not aware, Nitric Oxide or NO is a "vaso-dilator" which means it opens up capillaries and other blood vessels. This allows the blood flow more easily and therefore helps carry the oxygen and CO2 to where it needs to be that bit better.

NO has been sold as a controversial workout supplement for years now, it's vasodilatory effects allow you train harder, and the extra caffeine and such like that goes into the supps well, that amplifies the effect.

Unfortunately, we can never be certain what is in these supplements and the doses in them are far from healthful. And I cannot recommend that anybody take these supplements. The amount of NO produced in your sinuses when you nasal breath, and especially if you add a few breath holds on empty, well that is absolutely healthy, and according to some research, it may even be a vital part of our immune systems defence against against airborne pathogens. Unfortunately we can't confirm this with 100% certainty, but I'm willing to bet on it rather than against it.

As always, if you have any questions on anything discussed in this blog, feel to get in touch or drop a comment.

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Dave Hedges

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