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An Effective Bullshit Filter

Over the years I’ve been heard to give out the following advice when it comes to training, motivation, exercise selection, even dietary choices.

It goes a follows:

Find the “WHY” and the “HOW” will star to become clear.

If you stop and think about that it gives a powerful filter to look through.

And if you properly applied, that filter will save you from having to endure a whole load of meaningless bullshit.

Here’s a simple one to get you started:

If you understand WHY progressive overload works,then the how is to gradually do more work. Simple eh?

If you understand WHY mobility is important, then how to implement it into your day become clearer.

If you understand WHY coffee stops you hurting other people, you’ll figure out how to keep yourself topped up…..

Ok, that was three.

And the last one may not have been true.

But you get the basic idea.

So now to the inspiration behind today’s post.

Next month I’m running the 1 Day Self Defence Skills workshop, but you knew that, I mentioned it in yesterdays blog post.

Someone who’d read the post asked me about the course content, which is fair enough. But when I explained that the course is only a toe in the water, it’s a springboard for you to go out and start training by yourself or with friends. That the emphasis on the course is on not getting into trouble in the first place but to utilise heavy impact if you do.

This seemed to put the person off.

Their argument seemed to be based on what they’ve experienced at other workshops.

ie: Faux hard man, special forces, super black belt ninja tactics.


We’re talking:

  1. Eye gouges

  2. Arm bars

  3. Wrist locks

  4. Kicks to the groin

  5. Pressure points

  6. improvised weapons

  7. and so on and so on….

I’m going to use a strength training analogy here.

That list you’ve just read is like going to a strength & conditioning workshop and learning about tricep kickbacks, pec flyes and grapevines.

Yes, these things have their place, but not in the real world of performance.

And lets face it, if you or a member of your family is being attacked you want to fucking perform!

So performance based training is based on the “big rocks” of training.

ie: multi joint exercise performed at a high intensity. Think Squat, Deadlift, Clean, Swing, Pull Up, Press, Jerk, Turkish Get Up, Lunge Variations.

So how does this relate to self defence?

Well, the “WHY” of self defence should be easy.

Why? – To get home safe and sound to have dinner with my family.

So, HOW?

  1. Avoid getting into trouble in the first place, after all, if you never have to fight, you’ll never lose a fight

  2. If I do end up in a fight, end it as fast as possible, best achieved through impact.

  3. Do what is necessary to end the conflict, no more, no less. This is where things get fuzzy for most. The most efficient way to stop someone is to knock them out, the most efficient way to do this is heavy impact to the head. It’s not sexy, or tactical, or fancy. But it works and it fits our WHY

So for those of you who want to wear combat pants and boot, carry a tactical flashlight, never sit with your back to a door and learn 372 ways to hit someone in the nuts, this isn’t the course for you.

If you want a common sense, systematic approach to self defence, click here.


Dave Hedges

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