A Month of Medals

That was an intense few weeks.

One of the hardest elements of this job, this calling, is coaching athletes and sitting helplessly at home while they are out doing what they do.

I’m honestly more nervous for them than I would be if it was me out competing.

But it is also one of the reasons why I love my job.

These last few weeks have given me much cause to celebrate.

Aneta faught her way to the Silver medal at the Kyokushin World Union European Championships. This wraps up a huge year, but also sets up a hugerer year ahead!

(and yes, where I come from, hugerer is a word!)

Seba, the Polish bear came out of retirement and went to Milan for his first BJJ competition in two years. Despite not training for anything specific, Seb keeps himself close to fight condition all year round, the mark of a good athlete. So we ramped up his conditioning with an intense 4 week program and off he went. He won medals in his weight categories, qualifying for the Absolute in both Gi and No-Gi, bringing home Gold in both.

Our Kettleheads GS Team went down to Rosslare for the final Kettlebell sports event of 2018.

Sean got 38 reps in 24kg OALC and 52 reps of 24kg snatch, first time out with the green bell and a return from injury, great lifting from him.

Stewart in his second ever competition did 83 reps of 16kg snatch and winning the bronze medal.

Ellen Snatched the 8kg bell for 82 reps and the bronze medal, while she may have been dissapointed, I’m certainly not, but I love the passion and ambition!

Wendy lasted the 5 minutes and scored 30 reps of 16 kg Snatch, first time out with this weight and a massive result for her!