3 Supplements for BJJ, but not only BJJ!

First of all you need to know that no supplement will help you if you don’t follow a good meal plan (it doesn’t need to be perfect) and if you neglect the most important part in recovery and day to day life which is sleep.

There will be a separate bit on sleep soon.

Creatine Monohydrate

(no need to spend more money for other forms)

One of my favourites, its cheap and it works, just like Polish Vodka.

  • Creatine leads to increased muscle mass, recovery and strength

  • Creatine is found in muscle cells and helps your muscles to produce energy during your high intensity training or heavy lifting session.

  • Creatine supplementation is very popular amongst bodybuilders and strength athletes to improve strength and performance.

Factors like meat intake , the amount of muscle mass exercise can have an affect on your body’s creatine stores.

Your body is able to produce creatine from amino acids arginine and glycine.

Most of your body’s creatine is stored in your muscle and some of it, around 5% is in your brain, kidneys, liver.

Supplementing with creatine will increase your stores of phosphocreatine which is a form of stored energy in your cells and it helps your body to produce an energy molecule called ATP. Having more ATP will help you to perform better during exercise or at competition.

In high intensity exercise, the main role is to increase phosphocreatine stores in your muscles and the extra stores can be used to produce more ATP which helps you with heavy lifting or during high intensity exercise.

Ways Creatine can help you perform better:

  • Helps you to do more total work or volume in a training session

  • Can help you to repair and grow muscle

  • Can improve cell hydration which may play a role in muscle growth

  • May reduce muscle breakdown