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10 Tips for better nutrition

Let's try to keep it simple, life is complicated enough and something like someone's diet should be easy to follow and enjoyable.

  1. Eat a variety of vegetables and fruits every day. They will provide you with fibre, vitamins and minerals.

  2. Try to have a protein source with every meal (eggs, fish, meat, poultry, beans, cheese, whey protein if needed)

  3. Eat your carbs (no, they won't make you gain weight, eating to much food will). Carbs in form of fruits, bread, pasta, rice etc. All taste great and provide fibre, and micronutrients. I know that some of you may have heard that someone lost weight by cutting out cards but the truth is they lost weight because the ate less calories by cutting out a whole food group. Life is not enjoyable without carbs.

  4. Your diet doesn't need to be perfect, life isn't perfect and neither need to be your food choices. Eat well 80% of the time and make room for that ice-cream from time to time😉.

  5. Make your own food. Learn how to cook. Go to Gordon Ramsey's or Jammie Olivier's YouTube channel, they have some great, easy and simple to prepare meals. One of the easiest breakfast you can make is probably scrambled eggs, not much you can do wrong there and it's a great start.

  6. Not really nutrition but it can affect your good choices. Get enough good quality sleep. If we don't sleep enough we tend to crave high calorie, proceed foods. We also tend to move less when we are tired.

  7. Stay hydrated, that means drinking water not sugary drinks.

  8. Keep a food diary for some time, this may help you to see how your diet looks like, if you eat enough vegetables, fruits, protein etc.

  9. Avoid restrictive diets. The way you eat needs to be sustainable and you need to enjoy the food you eat.

  10. Eat the whole egg 😁.

Bon appetit


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