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You put your trousers on……..

……one leg at a time, just like everyone else.

Unilateral training is  a staple here at Wild Geese. We love split squats, bulgarian split squats, 1 leg deadlifts, we even throw in Pistol squats from time to time. in terms of athletic cross over, I’ve found little else can match it.

Many strength coaches will argue with me, they’ll say how you must squat and deadlift monstrous amount of weight. We do that too, purely for strength, but for effective and efficient control of the body single leg work rules. After all, you put your trouser on one leg at a time, you drive a punch from the rear foot, you kick with one leg, you run by swapping from one foot to another. hell we spent very little time at all evenly weighted between both feet. After only a few weeks of single leg work I’ve had runners, triathletes and cyclists hit personal bests, I’ve kickboxers apologise to their sparring partners as they help them up off the floor in shock and when my old hip and back injuries are at me, it allows me stay strong without the excessive compression of a heavy squat or dead.

But this is just my opinion, lets back it up with a few words from one of the most respected man in the Strength & Conditioning game, Mr Eric Cressey of Cressey Performance. Here’s what he has to say on the matter:

Click to read Eric's article

The Bulgarian Split Squat is a major feature of the Wild Geese Boot Camp, we start on May 23rd if you want to find out why…



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