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Workshop Announcement: Indian Club Swinging

It’s about bloody time!

But here it is, an Indian Club Swinging Workshop.

We talk a fair bit about Indian Clubs, we show them Instagram and Facebook, we offer a class and implement them into certain client programs.

But it’s about time we taught them to everyone, especially since the problem of sourcing good quality clubs has been solved by the lads at Heroic Sport over in Denmark.

They invented the Pahlavandle, a plastic handle that fits onto pretty much any plastic bottle allowing you to create the perfect club for you up to around 3kg that is. And 3kg is plenty for most.

So here are the details of the workshop, which you’ll be pleased to know includes a set of Pahlavandles for you to take home with you.

Have a look, book your place (there’s only 15 available) and tell your mates


Dave Hedges

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