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On Mental Health

I just saw this clip of Irish celebrity Bressie talking about his experience with Mental Health.

I’m not familiar with the guy, but damn this is a powerful speech.

I ask you to watch and listen.

Then to contemplate.

Here’s the video:


Later this afternoon I’ll have a group of lads in from the RehabCare HOPS centre for mental health coming into me for an Eskrima class. Seeing this video helps me realise how important running these classes is. The segment of the speech where Bressie talks about how using exercise helped him gain “relative control of my mind” is such a powerful part of the speech for me, as the training I’ve done has helped me as an individual and I see the guys I work with focus through their own issues in order to do the training I give them.

My old Wing Chun coach, Sifu Mark Rasmus used to tell us, “The Mind leads the Chi, the Chi leads the Body.” Whether you believe in the concept of Chi or not is unimportant, because we can leave out the middle of the sentence and it gives us:

“the Mind Leads the Body”

If we can control the mind through proper breathing, good training and a sensible diet, we all have a chance.

I want to thank everyone who’s bought a Mind Over Metal garment these last few months, you guys have collectively sponsored the HOPS Christmas Dinner, the money raised from the T-Shirts and Hoodies will cover a large portion of the bill for the 30+ attendees. Thankyou.

It means a lot.


Dave Hedges

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