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A Simple But Important Hand Mobility Drill

Yesterday I was presenting the Upper Body Mobility & Strength Workshop.

We had a fun day going over isolated joint movement, integrated joint movement, loading the joints, small joint strength, upper back and scapula strength and few bit more.

We didn’t get everything covered that I wanted to cover, but that’s so often the case.

I have planned to make up some detailed video presentations covering all this info, I’ll start on that later this week.

One this that seemed to stick out in several of the attendees mind was the information on the hands.

We do tend to take hands for granted.

Those that do train them tend to either be smashing them into punch bags and makiwara’s or bending nails and pinch gripping heavy stuff.


Which is all well and good, I do a bit of both.

But what we forget to do is to take care of the small joints.

So one of the very first drills we looked at yesterday was a very nice, simple exercise to get the hand to “wake up”

In the group yesterday we had the guys saying their hand felt “lighter” or “faster” one even said that they were “ready to go”

This was after just one round.

If we think about it, the hands, along with our face and feet are the most innervated parts of our body. They’ve more nerve endings sending more information to the brain. They’re a defining attribute for the human animal.

So stimulating them is a very good idea.

Have a look at this video and see what I mean:

When should this be done?

Pretty much anytime.

On the bus

Watching TV

During rest periods between sets

Anytime you can find a few seconds or a few minutes.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of the video lecture for the Upper Body Mobility and Strength Workshop.

Check back soon


Dave Hedges

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