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A Quick Tip for Better Stretching Results

Just finishing off a workout with a few stretches and I thought I’d share a quick tip to improve any stretch you happen to be doing, with whatever style of stretching (contrast, PNF, relaxed etc)

It’s a tip from the martial arts world.

Whatever stretch you’re in, take your attention to the stretched area. As you inhale, breathe in deeply and focus on the tightness, literally breathe into the tension. As you exhale, breathe out deeply maintaining the same focus, breathe the tension away. as you breathe in this manner, you are breathing relaxation into the body and exhaling out tension.

Sounds like tree hugging nonsense I know, but this genuinely works.

Watch this then try it for yourself.




If your interested in learning more about stretching, mobility and breathing techniques, our Yoga instructor will be back on the 21st. Classes will run every Saturday from 9.15AM.

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