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100 Rep Warm Up Set – October 2012

Warm Ups are important, yet misunderstood.

I use several here at WG, but some of the most efficient are the ones used by my Lunch Time crew. The Lunch Time guys are on a tight schedule, they have a limited window in which to get in, get work done and get back to the office. Efficiency is tantamount to these guys, yet why not take a lesson from them? Too much time is spent fluting around in most gyms, too much time wasted on inefficient exercises or even time simply wasted with mindless chit-chat. The gym is the place where you go to get stuff done, it’s not the local coffee shop where you can sit around for a chat. Get in, get out.

To this end I have the crew do a full body calisthenic warm up. Some of these I’ve posted before, but this is the latest one currently in use by the guys:

The sequence is as follows:

  1. 3-5 minutes skipping

  2. 1 1/2 Squats (Overhead optional) x 10

  3. Bridge x 10 L/R

  4. Reverse Lunge (twist optional) x 10 L/R

  5. Skipping x 100

  6. T-Pose x 10seconds

  7. Pump x 10

  8. “Quick Yoga” x 5 L/R

  9. Hindu Push Up x 10

  10. Skipping x 100

  11. Criss Cross x 10 L/R

  12. Superman x 5 L/R (2-3 sec pause on each rep)

The whole sequence ought to take around 8 minutes and will leave you ready to hit your specific warm up and get rocking.

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