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Welcome to the Level 3 Kettlebell lifting workshop.

This workshop represents a major step forward in your ability to use a kettlebell. In this workshop we cover the two most technical, but also the most beneficial of all the kettlebell lifts, the Snatch and the Jerk.
It is these lifts that form the Biathlon used in the sport of Kettlebell lifting (Girevoy Sport or GS).

Both lifts require the use of the entire body to throw the bell over head, and if, like in GS, you aim for high repetitions with a moderately heavy bell, they will tax your physical and mental fortitude to the max.

Done with a very heavy bell, they will build astounding full body strength.

We will also cover the assistance lifts for these fantastic drills, many of which are challenging exercises in their own right.

The earlier workshops should have, if you have been diligent in your own training, prepared you for the lifts presented here. Neither lift is ideally suited to a beginner but by working in the manner prescribed in the earlier workshops you should have arrived at a point where you are technically and physically able to cope with the demands of these
two incredible lifts.

We are also changing the manner in which we warm up. Everything in the book is done with a kettlebell, even the warm up.

We start with what we refer to as Loaded Mobility.

So without further ado, lets get started.

Kettlebell Technique Level 3 Manual

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