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Welcome to the Level 2 kettlebell lifting Workshop

In Level 1 we learned the fundamental lifts, the Swing, the Squat and the Press, this workshop builds on this foundation. If you've been working diligently with these lifts you should have already noticed some changes in your mental and physical conditioning.

It is now time to learn a few more things and add some variety to the routines.

The next series of lifts are progressions on the Level 1.

We go back over the swing, looking at it in more detail, tightening and tidying the technique and moving into the one handed swing. Unilateral swinging actions are a fantastic core strengthening method as well as a great way to build all round strength and endurance.

The one handed swing becomes the Clean, this is a lift in its own right but also serves as a tool and a platform for a vast array of techniques, without this lift you are seriously limiting your arsenal.
We take the Press and turn it into a push press using the legs to assist. This allows for higher weight or higher reps abut also forma s stepping stone to the Kettlebell Jerk taught on Level 3.

The last lift we cover is the incredible Turkish Get Up.

This lift has been shown under EMG testing to activate more core musculature than any other lift. It is also fantastic for shoulder stability and all over strength and agility. It's been a favourite of mine since I first tried it many years ago.

We will also introduce a new training method – Complex Training. Complex training is an incredible way to get a lot of work done very quickly.

Kettlebell Technique Level 2 Manual

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