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You Don’t Have To Quit

He’s only gone and done it again!

This is my client Jamie Whelan who just messaged me that despite a terrible last run, he’s won the last race of the Gravity Enduro Mountain Bike series.

Not only has he won the race, he’s won the series.

For the second year running.


Jamie joined me last year on recommendation from a friend.

When he came to me he was in a heap.

He was considering pulling out of the series as his old injuries were getting too bad that he doubted his ability to finish the series, never mind place.

Which brings me to the point of this post.

Yes, I’m like a proud Father as I write this, I love nothing more than seeing my clients acheive and do well, but his story is a lesson for everyone.

The lesson is this:

You don’t have to quit.

You just need to gather the right people around you.

In Jamie’s case he needed my combination of injury rehab, mobility and strength training.

He needed the unconventional training methods we employ in our gym, in group session and in the athlete preparation programs.

And most importantly, he took the information and he applied it away from the gym.

He took the specific movement drills he needed to stay out of pain, and he did them day in, day out.

And the results speak for themselves.

Jamie is not an atypical client.

We’ve had many the Cinderella story over the years, and I hope to have many more in the years to come.

Maybe you’ll be the next one?


Dave Hedges

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