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You are responsible for you.

You are responsible for you.

It’s common sense many would say but after finding out that in the last year in Poland there is an increase of 33% more people being killed on pedestrian crossings it looks like many people don’t think like that.

This increase happened after some law changes which say that if a pedestrian is approaching a pedestrian walk a car must always give way to the pedestrian. What started to happen is people stopped looking out for cars and just walk right onto the street while the driver may don’t have sufficient time to break.

Being in Poland I saw people just walking out onto the street not waiting for the car to stop. I get it, the law says that I need to stop but it won’t matter much when you are dead. So people instead of looking after themselves are expecting it from others and blaming them if something happens.

You are responsible for your health.

It’s not your partners fault, the soft drink company, the tabaco and alcohol( insert excuse)companies fault that you are out of shape that, your blood test came back with bad results and you need to lose weight.

We have a choice to smoke or not to smoke, to eat, drink this or that, to watch movies or to get out and move.

Small changes in lifestyle can lead to other small changes and in a year time you may be a different person with more energy, in better shape, happier with yourself.

You may need some help from a professional but at the end of the day it's you who will need to put in the work to get it done.

You have the power to change it, no one else will do it for you.

All the best


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