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You Are Cordially Invited

Last summer I started to send out Tweets (which also appear on my facebook) inviting people to come and join me for an open air workout on the Saturday afternoon. I called it my Saturday session.

I let this slide due to some issues at home and never really started again.

Well here’s the good news, From this sat (the 16th jan) I’ll be inviting anyone that’s interested to coma and train with me. Just to clarify what is involved:

You are training with me, not being trained by me I will be doing an outdoor conditioning workout – dress appropriately You are responsible for your safety, I am not There is no charge, as I am not acting as a coach The times and places will be announced by the evening of the Thursday before, and are subject to change. If I fail to arrive, don’t wait, get on with it. I wouldn’t wait for you…. This IS NOT one of them Military bootcamp things, I’m not in the military so don’t train that way….

Most of the sessions will be centred around Dublin city, although there may be forays into the Dublin Mountains or down to the beach. Just depend what I feel like on any given day.

The aim of the Saturday session is simple – Get out, refresh the blood, get some fresh air into the lungs and come home smiling.

It’s an open invite, sign up to my Twitter and/or facebook and I’ll maybe see you next weekend..


Dave +353 87 672 6090

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