You are all you need

Seeing as you're essentially a bag of flesh with a boney endoskeleton run by your central nervous system.

Your a closed system.

Outside of catastrophic injury, the kind that requires that sack to be cut open, your body is already very well equipped to fix itself and keep itself right.

What happens inside that sack of skin is what happens.

And what happens is largely under your control and its your responsibility to decide how to manage it.

This means with a bit of knowledge and imagination, you can hit most of your mental, physical, rehab and performance goals without spending a fortune on specialist equipment.

Look at our WG-FIT studio

Hardly any kit that people would expect to find in a gym.

Yet we have National, European and even World champions training beside high flying entrepreneurs, business folk, office folk and folk who have been all but written off by the medical community.

All of whom are trained using their own bodyweight, kettlebells and on occasions a barbell.

But it's never about the

The tool we use the most?

Gravity and your own central nervous system

People have lost weight, gained weight, recovered from injury, gained confidence, embarked on new adventures into sport or starting a business all because we taught them that the only thing that really matters is attitude.

Attitude is everything

Once you realise that, who knows how far you can go.


Dave Hedges

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