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Yoga / Pilates Classes Start THIS Saturday

Quick reminder:

Yoga / Pilates / Somatic Movement Training – Saturday 9.15am at Wild Geese.

This is something we’ve wanted to introduce to our studio for some time but have always struggled to find a decent instructor that we can trust in. Well, we found one, we tried her out by having her run workshops for us and was always well received. So now, hopefully Anne Dempsey will become a regular part of our team, albeit working at the opposite end of the spectrum to the rest of us. Where we advocate hard and heavy most of the time, this creates tension and stress in the body, Anne will give you the tools to release this tension, to decompress, lengthen and unwind those hard and tight muscles.

Yoga is the Yin to the Iron’s Yang.

The legendary Persian and Indian wrestling schools knew the value of this. Their athletes trained many hours every day, lifting heavy stone weights, maces and clubs for strength, performing hundreds of squats, push ups and rope climbs for endurance and hour upon hour of wrestling for martial effectiveness. Part of their daily routine was also dedicated to unwinding, recovering and recuperating so that they could train again the next day, and should they be called into battle at any given moment, they would always be ready. This eventually became Yoga.

if you are serious about walking the warrior path, add this class to your schedule, even if you only attend a few so that you can avail of Anne’s detailed knowledge and round out your training. Your future self will thank you for it. I certainly couldn’t do what i do without my yoga inspired sequences.

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