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Year of the Little Guys

Looks like the Boot Camp starting next week is going to be full, there’s enquiries flying in. Lunchtime workouts are getting gradually busier, we’re even getting people in on the Tuesdays and Thursdays, which are newly opened.

Combat Conditioning on the Tuesday and Saturday is busier than it’s ever been. New people are showing up to Kettlebell beginners every week.

And yet the fitness industry is said to be struggling! It seems that that you, the customer, has realised exactly what you want from your training. You want results, you want a coach that actually pays attention. You want service.

I was chatting to my mate Kieran Dolan who runs Dolan Fitness down in Tullamore Co. Offally, he’s reporting the same thing. He’s now buying kettlebells from us to set up his own classes.

This is the year of the small gym. And about time too.

For too long the market has been held captive by the big chains. Commercial gyms with shiny kit and big screen TV’s held control over the fitness industry and the small gyms were struggling and closing down.

People now are better educated than ever before, the internet has allowed for research to be conducted and so people can make up their own minds on the style of training they wish to take part in. People ask about Deadlifts, Kettlebells, Sledgehammers. They ask about High Intensity Training, they realise that endless hours on a treadmill does little to change their body composition. It’s fantastic.

I used to work out of a Jackie Skelly gym, and I know that most of the “fitness instructors” there couldn’t answer the kind of questions that people are now asking, nor can they offer the style of training people are now requesting. That’s why Kieron, Myself and others are getting busier. People want quality, they no longer need swimming pools and saunas, they’d prefer heavy iron and chalk. They don’t need adverts over the tannoy and countless mass marketing emails offering upgrades and products, instead they want solid training, results oriented training, they want motivated and interested coaches.

This is exactly what we little guys can offer. Our clients have names, they’re not numbers. We push them to work harder than they’ve ever worked, we don’t use fancy kit, because well, we don’t need to. We don’t employ a sales team. We employ coaches.

We don’t mass market We use word of mouth, recommendations. And people do recommend us. We thank you for this.

You have our guarantee that we will continue to work hard to provide you with the best training on offer. We will continue to go to seminars run by the likes of Steve Cotter, Andy Bolton, James Fennely and more so we can offer you better training. We will never, ever compromise our results for a fast buck, you, the client will always come first. And you will never find us offering a Zumba class!

Any how, here’s todays workout:

It’s Kettlebell based, but can be done with dumbbells if you wish.

1A: Classic Groener Chain – Snatch/Press/Clean & Press, 1 rep of each, work up to max weight. When a max is reached, drop back and climb the weight stack again, repeat 3-5 times. 1B: 5min Snatch, as many reps as possible in 5 minutes, change hands at will and try to hit 100 or more.

Short, sharp and efficient. Enjoy.


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