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World Mental Health Day

This Saturday 10th October

Yeah, I know!

It’s the October already!

But THIS Saturday is World Mental Health Day.


If you’ve been around Wild Geese for any amount of time, you’ll be aware of the work we do with the RehabCare HOPS centre for Mental Health.

In fact just yesterday I had 6 members of HOPS in for a fitness session.

These are guys with serious mental health conditions, I’ll not go into detail, but we’re talking serious.

And they were in Wild Geese, a gym that is known for it’s intimidating nature. A gym that people have walked into and then left almost immediately due to our non compromising, non conformist attitude.

While these guys were warming up there were two Thai boxers going through a conditioning session in preparation for upcoming fights and Kettlebell Sports competitor training up for the World Championships. Three high level athletes, all grafting away.

That alone can scare people away.

But not the Rehab guys, they take inspiration from these people. And they know that my regular clients do not and will not judge them as anything other than people in for a training session.

Well they’d better not.

If I find out otherwise, I’ll be dealing with that directly.

But mental health is a big deal in Wg-Fit.

You cannot have good physical health without good mental health

You cannot have good mental health without physical health


We all have physical health.

We all have mental health.

Our health can move from good to bad to indifferent over the course of a day, a week, a month.

As Nessa, the manager at HOPS tells us, “It’s a continuum, we all fall on it somewhere. Our mental health, like our physical health is in constant flux along this continuum”

Thankfully, most of us never go far from the middle.

The Guys from HOPS that come into me twice per week (some more) would love nothing more than to experience life in that middle ground the rest of us occupy.

So here’s what I propose.

This Saturday 10th October, all your memberships are void for one day.

Every private training session and every group training class member is to pay cash on the day.

You can pay the going rate, or you can pay more.

This money, every last cent of it, will go into an envelope.

This envelope will then be taken round to HOPS on Monday morning and handed over.

This cash will most likely go into the fund for their annual Christmas dinner. Last year, the sale of our Mind Over Metal T-Shirts paid for their dinner. I think one day of training can pay for one day out.

What do you think?

Let me know.

And I’ll see you on Saturday.


Dave Hedges


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