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Workshops & Seminars

This Sunday I’m running the Level 1 Kettlebell Lifting Workshop from 11am at Wild Geese HQ. There are a couple of spots left open if you wish to attend. Price is €35 and includes a copy of the Level 1 PDF Manual.

These workshops are highly detailed, so it is recommended you bring a pen and paper, even though all the info is in the Manual. Nothing beats your own notes taken at the time.

In September we have just confirmed our guest presenters for an Injury Prevention and Strength Training for MMA seminar. We have four presenters, each with unique expertise in their particular fields:

  1. Paul Cox – Strength & Mobility using the Kettlebell

  2. Dave Hedges – Program design and Bodyweight Training

  3. Mark Sexton – Injuries, how to manage, prevent and rehabilitate them.

  4. Anne Dempsey – Yoga & Somatic stretching for flexibility and mental focus.

The provisional date is Saturday 24th September. Places will be limited, so let me know asap if your interested.

That’s all for today,  I’ve got all my computer and internet bugs sorted out so will be updating this blog on a regular basis once more.



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