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Workshops for 2013

The year is flying in at breakneck speed and we’re running out of time.

My little man will be back in school next week starting his second year, senior infants. It wasn’t that long ago we were doing with him what we are currently doing with his little brother, potty training!

It’s nuts how quick time is passing by.

It’s the reason I announced a few weeks ago that I’m scaling back on my workshop schedule and any events that take me away from my kids for any length of time.

So with only 4 months remaining this year, I will only be running 4 workshops.

Here’s how it looks:

Kettlebell Lifting Levels 1&2

8th September, 1000 – 1600 This is the last public kettlebell workshop I’m running this year. We will stick more or less to the Level 1 and 2 syllabus, but if we have the time we may explore other avenues of the kettle. The information covered will be:

  1. Joint Mobility

  2. The Swing, from beginner to advanced practitioner

  3. Clean

  4. Press & Push Press

  5. Squats

  6. Turkish Get-Up

  7. Breathing patterns

  8. Workout ideas

  9. Potentially more………

The day is open to all, it is ideal for those picking up a kettle for the first time or practitioners looking to better understand the lifts. It is also a prerequisite for attending the following months Instructor Training Cert. For booking details, please CLICK HERE

Kettlebell Instructor Certification

5th & 6th October, 0900 – 1700 both days. This will be held in Dublin, venue tbc.

This is a pass or fail cert where you will be tested from start to finish on your ability to actually teach the lifts, arrange classes and create workouts. Your fitness is only worth 15% of the pass mark. This is about becoming a quality instructor, not merely a practitioner. If this sounds like the kind of certification program you are looking for, CLICK HERE to read more.

Kettlebell / Bodyweight Training

9th November, Tramore Kettlebell Fitness, Co Waterford This is going to be an action packed, fun day covering an array of kettlebell lifts from the mundane to the downright awesome. We’ll also be looking at how we can combine them with bodyweight exercises to create strong, athletic bodies. Some of what we’ll cover are:

  1. Kettlebell Pressing variations

  2. Full body push up variations

  3. Combining kettles & bodyweight to create an iron midsection

  4. Power development

  5. Complexes

  6. Contrast Sets

  7. And more……..

Like I say, it’ll be a fun day and largely steered by the participants and their questions.

Booking details will be announced in the next few days.

Self Defence Skills and Rapid Response Knife Defence.

7th December: Basic Self Defence Skills Including: – Environmental Awareness – Situational Awareness – Avoid/Evade/Confront Continuum – Fundamental Body Mechanics for Power generation – The Three Fundamental Arm/Hand Strikes – Wedge Defence

Sunday 8th December: Rapid Response Knife Defence – Flinch Response – Blocking, Parrying, Passing &Trapping Skills – “Safe” position – Counter Offensive techniques from safe position – Simultaneous Cover & Counter

Attend one or both days, be sure to book ahead, no entries on the day will be taken. As always, questions on the day will be encouraged, and indeed expected. Kit Requirements: Water Notebook & Pen Groin Guard recommended Gum Shield recommended Questions Open Mind Attitude

The cost for the day will be €50, or €70 for both days The max no of participants will be 18 people. Deposits can be paypalled to or dropped into me direct.

I am also potentially hosting the guys from Anatomy in Motion, we’re in early stages of conversation, so keep an eye out for this one.

And that will all the workshops I am running until next year.


Dave Hedges

Next Workshop: Kettlebell Lifting Levels 1 & 2 September 8th, 1000 – 1600 At Wild Geese Fitness, Dublin 2 Details HERE.

Kettlebell Instructor Training Certification: October 5th & 6th, 0900 – 1700 both days. Details HERE

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