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Workshop: Upper Body Mobility and Strength

I’ve just announced the topic and dates for my next workshop.

To be honest I’ve been a bit slack on presenting workshops this year, I did a lot for a time and decided to take a bit of a breather.

But recently I’ve had a hankering.

In a workshop environment you can explore information at a far deeper level than you can in a training session.

Plus it offer you, the attendee, the option to ask deeper, more probing questions than we’d have time for in a workout.

AND i love it when my guys ask questions.

So went onto Facebook and asked the question.

What would you lot like me to present on.

I was surprised by the answers.

We had:

  1. How to strengthen wrists against rugby injury?

  2. Strategies to loosen out tight shoulders

  3. Mobility

  4. Movement

  5. Recovering from BJJ related shoulder injuries

Each in itself is a great request, some more specific than others, but all worthy of a great workshop.

So what I’ve come up with is a 1 day intensive workshop on Upper Body Mobility and Strength that will run on November 14th.

And it will be intensive.

Think about it.

We have to look at:

  1. The relationship between the hip and shoulder girdles

  2. Spinal motion

  3. The spine to scapula relationship

  4. Scapula strength and shoulder movement

  5. The hand and wrist

  6. Breathing and diaphragm control

  7. And answer the questions you bring with you

And all between 10am and 4pm!

I can’t wait!

Who is this aimed at?

  1. My usual clientele, i.e. Martial Artists, fighters, rugby players, GAA lads, Kettlebell Sports athletes, Mountain Bikers and anyone else who likes to get hurt for fun.

  2. Anyone with an interest in how to get their body moving better

  3. Coaches and trainers, particularly those who deal with high risk clients, such as BJJ guys and overhead athletes.

Places are strictly limited to 20, and even that’s to many in my mind, I may still change it if I feel I have enough.

So how do you book your spot?

Easy, just hit this:

€65.00Read more

Or if you have questions you need answered prior to booking, drop me an email HERE


Dave Hedges

And that booking link again:

€65.00Read more

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