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Wondering how to start the New Year?

The New Year hangovers should be receding by now and most of you will be looking to get cracking back into your routines.

It can be tough to get going though so here are a couple of resources that may help:


A collection of articles ranging from personal to professional from 41 athletes, coaches and martial artists. Many top names around the world commented, other entries come from people who train at Wild Geese  and other gyms in Ireland. Click the image to download your free copy:

Need motivation? Click the Image

Click here for 62 pages of unadulterated motivation

Contributions come from: Adam O’Hara, Adrian Crowe, Al Kavadlo, Anna Aparicio, Bret Contreras, Chris Haggan, Damien Alexander, Dave Hedges, Dean Coulson, Donal Tannam, Eddie Sheehan, Ian Graham, Jackie Burgmann, Jacqueline Hooten, James Brunton Phd, Jamie Clubb, Jonathan Duff, Ken Blackburn, Kenneth Jay, Kieran Dolan, Kira Robert Clarke, M.c. Phoo, Mark de Grasse, Mark Stapleton, Michael Lloyd-Billington, Mick Coup, Mick kelly, Mike Mahler, Nick Tumminello, Pat O’Malley, Paul Cox, Paul J O’Brien, Scott Bird, Scott Sonnon, Shane McGovern, Simon Murphy, Thierry Sanchez, Tim Anderson, Tony Gentilcore, Wolfgang Brolley.


This is a workout program I use with fighters and on the Wild Geese Boot Camp. If you need a workout program that will build strength, stamina and work capacity while burning off some of the Christmas gluttony, this covers all bases. There are options for people training at home and as well as those itching to try out their brand new gym memberships. Or better yet, come and join our Boot Camp starting Jan 30th!

Click the image for more details.

Click Here to begin Training like a Combat Athlete

100 Rep Challenge

One last thing, the relaunch of the 100 Rep Challenge is imminent. I’ve spoken about this before so I’ll not spend time on it now, go over to the website and register your email address as they are about to release a free PDF full of ideas and motivation for putting together your own daily fitness habits. As they say over at 100 Rep Challenge, “Excellence is a habit”

Click the image to go to their website.

Click to go to one of the best free resources you'll get.

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