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Women and weight training

I was reminded recently of a conversation I had a few years ago. Several years ago I was doing sales for a gym, a job I hated but it was a job. Anyhow, I met this woman who was enquiring about getting her daughter into the gym.It turned out the woman was a female powerlifter. If your unfamiliar with power lifting, it revolves around lifting enormous amounts of weight on 3 key lifts, the Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press, the person who lifts the biggest overall total wins. To me she looked like a woman in good health in her mid 30’s. It turned out she was in her mid 40’s with a teenage daughter. But that’s not my point. She told me about some of the people she had trained, particularly one woman. This woman was a retired lady approaching her sunset years. She’d recently been diagnosed with Osteoporosis and mild arthritis.Instead of taking her doctors approach, which was to take drugs (prescription of course) and basically wait for the inevitable, she joined a gym and under the tutelage of the Female power lifter, started lifting. Guess what happened…

The osteoporosis completely dissapeared and the arthritis never got any worse, she was delighted, the doc was bemused (probably due the fact she never bothered with the drugs and he never got his golfing holiday from the pharmaceutical company…)

All within a six month period.

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