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Winters Mornings

It's Autumn, on the doorstep of Winter

We're going into another lockdown

On paper, this is a rough time of year.


You're still breathing

If you're still breathing, you're still alive.

Act alive.

Start the day with mobility and breath work.

Look up the blog post titled "Fundamental Joint Mobility" for a full follow on video of, well, fundamental Joint Mobility exercises.

Breathing, try Box Breathing.

Inhale, Hold, Exhale, Hold, all fire the same count.

The standard count is 4. But you work where you work, it may be a 2second count or a 10 second count, doesn't matter, it only matters that you do it.

Sit for 5 minutes with box breathing at a rhythm you can maintain then do to your mobility and/or Rehab work.

Your now ready to start your day.

As for nutrition, this time of year with the darker days, the northern hemisphere becomes very low in Vit D creating sunlight.

It's a good idea to start taking this on supplement form.

Look for a Vit D3 with Vit K

Getting a solid start to the day sets the rest of the day in action.

Get up with the intention of starting the day with movement, you may not "feel" like it, but don't listen to your feelings, v you'll get very different afterwards than you did before


Dave Hedges

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