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Wild Geese Kettlebells

At the risk of sounding like I’m jumping on the Kettlebell bandwagon, I think they are great pieces of kit.

If you don’t know anything about them, here’s a the brief:

Shape: A cannonball with a thick handle

Weight: You choose, they go up in 4kg increments, however the 16, 24 & 32kg are the most popular.

What do you do: Train!!

Now while their detractors will tell you that there’s very little you can do with a KB that you can’t do with a Dumbbell, I’ll agree with them, but they’ll never tell you that the reverse is also true. It’s the shape and grip of the Kettlebell is what makes it hard, and the ballistic exercises, that can be done with dumbbells, were originally done with KB’s or Stone Locks (for all you Chinese Martial Artists). Plus, they are so much more fun, I look at my KB’s and I just want to lift them!!

There is nothing magic about them, as some would have you believe, but I find that when I train using KB’s, I always work hard, they just don’e seem to allow you to go easy, this maybe the magic.

The Basics: Swings, High Pulls and Snatches. These will work your lower body, glutes and back and increase grip while at the same time frying your Cardio, in double quick time. Use a heavy enough KB and you’ll be crying for your mummy (at least I was, and probably will be on wed when I’m swinging again!)

Clean&Press, Military Press, Floor Press The first load of exercises are your pulling moves, these are your push. The Clean & Press is the daddy, get a heavy KB, pull it from the floor to your shoulder then press to lockout, then call me to tell me a muscle that wasn’t invloved…

Add into the mix your Turkish Get Ups and Windmill for the “core” and you have a strength and conditioning routine that you can do in a corridor!! All with a single Kettle bell.

Since my time schedule went nuts, I can’t spend an hour a day doing a weights split down the gym, so when I was looking for quick and effective home workout Kettlebells just turned up, and I’ve never looked back.

My shoulders are more mobile and stronger, my waist tighter and my legs durable and powerfull, in only 3-4 sessions per week, at home, the longest session is never over an hour.

Try them for yourself, here are some resources:

Or give us a call

Wild Geese Martial Arts any cause but our own

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