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Why I’ve been quiet and the Saturday Session

I’ve not been posting much recently, but rest assured I’m not slacking!

I wouldn’t leave you alone without a good reason. One reason is the weekend away I just had with ESTS, another are the two projects I’m working on for you.

One is a series of Kettlebell workshops running from level 1 through to level 5. As I grew up in the martial arts, these levels will be assigned a colour, as in the coloured belts I grew up trying to achieve. By the time a student has completed all 5 levels he, or she will have attained Black Belt, or in other words, Mastery of the Basics. I will also be working on a further level after the black belt whereby the student receives the right to teach under the Wild Geese banner.

The other project is simpler, an eBook, a sister book No Equipment, No Excuses that answers a question I’m often asked.

“Whats the best exercise for burning fat?”

I always answer with a question myself “Just one?”

This book is to answer that.

But lets change the subject and talk about this saturday.

For the saturday session I’m limited in what I can do due to injured shoulder. So we are going to do something a little different to usual.

We are going for a run. I haven’t decided if we’ll do endurance or sprints but if you come down to Ringsend Park, the entrance beside Rope Walk Pl and Parkview Pl, you’ll be sure to find out.

See you Sat at 12 noon.


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