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Why I'm a Fan of the Angled Barbell / Landmine

Angle barbell training, or the "Landmine" is possibly my second favourite bit of kit after the Kettlebell. Back "in the day" we didn't have access to all the kit and equipment manufacturers we currently have, so the WG-Fit landmine was simply a bar and an old car tyre, as shown here:

Those images are from the WMD eBook that was released in 2011. That tyre is still in WG-Fit and still gets use to this day, 11 years on.

The exercise I'm showing those photos is the Russian Twist, a favourite for the grapplers.

But the Landmine is not just for the fighters. I believe it to be one of the better ways for many folk to learn the hip hinge.

Because the bar travels in an arc, it is "longer" as it gets closer to the floor. This means, as you lower into a squat it will quite literally push you back, same if you're deadlifting or lunging.

Watch this very quick video to see exactly what I mean:

I bought the attachment in the vide for the gym I currently train in mainly for the younger athletes to learn the hinge movement properly.

And for the older, more experienced athletes so they stop damaging the walls (they haven't figured out the tyre trick! Now, for the fighters and experienced lifters among you, here's a little conditioning circuit that we use with the Landmine and features in the newly released Perpetual Motion program: 1A: Landmine 1 Leg RDL 1B: Landmine Rotational Clean to Press 1C: Landmine Russian Twist 1D: Shoulder to shoulder All done for 5 reps per side Here's the kicker though, you do 1A and 1B on one side only, then after completing 1D, you have to restart immediately in order to do the other side. You then get to rest, monitor the heart rate, get it below 130BPm, and then go again. 4-6 rounds of this should have you hating life suitably. Here's a video of the complex:

If you are interested in the Perpetual Motion program, which is a well prunded, varied conditioning program ideally suited to the martial artist, you can buy a years access for the equivalent of €1 per week if you follow this link:


Dave Hedges

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