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Who trains at Wild Geese?

Answer, anyone is welcome to join up, but fewer tend to stick around.

You see we have expectations. My writing style, as in this blog, has been described as challenging, our studio has been described as “ a no nonsense training facility” and “a real gym” and our workouts are tough.

But we are fair, we don’t try and kill you every session, we try to improve you. But our image and reputation is built around a simple fact. We train hard, and we expect you to do the same.

If you bring in your baggage from a day in the office or family feud and use it as an excuse to slump around and kick your heels, you get limited attention. If you come in with that look in the eye and an attitude of “Lets f*&^king go!” then we’re all over you.

Life gets in the way every now and again, we know this. Just yesterday two of my guys were struggling. Dave had just ran a 3:49 marathon the weekend before and was still shot, and Ray has been up to his tits at the office, while training as often as possible. However both turned up and had to be told to slow down, take it easy. Ray was even told to take a few days off.

But that doesn’t change the fact that these guys still came in and were chomping at the bit to get moving.

If you start asking if you can go easy, start whining and whingeing or start blaming the equipment for you inadequacies, then just don’t bother. You’ll be more comfortable down the road at Curves or your local Zumba class. Or just stay at home.

We’re not elitist here, we just expect you to turn up and work hard. For one hour out of your day, we expect you to be a focused and driven athlete.

I have a client who comes I with clinical depression, she’s morbidly obese and recently diagnosed with diabetes. This girl comes to training with fire in her belly, you can tell she’s been looking forward to training all day long. She has more spirit than most of the muscle heads that have come and gone through our doors.

At Wild Geese there are no excuses.



Next Kettlebell Workshop: 7th November – Level 4, Double Kettlebells, includes the Long Cycle and more.

Next Boot Camp commences 15th November – But is FULL! Bookings are now being taken for the Boot Camp commencing 31st January 2011.

Email for more details (

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