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Who’s Got a Golden Snatch?

I guess it’s official!

This “fad” known a the Kettlebell is here to stay in Ireland.

It’s been a long time since I started out as Kettlebell Instructor.

A few years after I started and we’d just taken Wild Geese and turned it into a full time business, my Kettlebell classes were out the door.

Then there was the very first Kettlebell Sports competition in Ireland down in Kilkenny. This was 2009.

I was amongst the very first people in Ireland to compete in the sport of Kettlebell lifting, back when nobody knew about it. Only a handful of us had any real clue about how to train for it, how to coach it.

But that was still 7 years ago, and man how much we’ve learned since.

The All Ireland Kettlebell Lifting Federation (AIKLF) has done a great job in developing the sport on these shores hosting both the European and World Championships in the last couple of years.

Our own gym has spawned a Kettlebell Sports team, they call themselves the Kettleheads GS Team.


Since the team formed we’ve won many medals in local and national events, and had representatives on the Irish National Team on four separate occasions.

But in the weekend just gone, we had our first international gold medal.

Maria Moran, who anyone who’s been in our gym will know, decided at the start of this year to train and compete in Kettlebell Snatch, to qualify for the Irish team and to win gold.

Check, check and check!

In typical style, she focussed, dug in and got on with it.

From only using Snatch occasionally as a fitness drill, to refining it to qualify for the team and then to travel to the European Championships in Poland and not only take part, but to set herself a 40+ rep personal best and beat the second placed lifter by around 30 reps.

She scored 189 with a 16kg bell.

More than enough to bring home the Gold. Helping the Irish Squad finish 3rd over all.

We’re exceptionally proud.

And can only imagine what might happen next.


She’s certainly put a rocket under the other team members who are now hungry for PR’s in upcoming competitions here in Ireland over the next few months.

We recently set up a separate website for the Kettleheads, we’ll get round to fleshing it out over time, but if you’d like some more information about the Kettleheads, about Kettlebell Sport and how to get involved, please go to:

It’s a tough sport, but very rewarding.


Drop us a line if it’s something you’d like to know more about.


Dave Hedges www.WG-Fit,com

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