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Where’s Dave?

I’m in Dublin airport making a trip I really don’t want to make.

But sometimes we just have to do these things.

I’ll talk more about that another day. Probably on an email, rather than here on the blog.

While I’m away I have members of my Wild Geese family stepping in to cover all the group training sessions, so it’ll be business as normal until I get back.

If you’re one of my private clients, you already have an email.

Unfortunately while I’m away I’ll miss the RehabCare HOPS centre’s Pub Quiz.

The guys at the centre often run a pub quiz to raise much needed funds. This one is for a defibrillator unit for the centre.

And because of who they are and the nature of the service, they’ve been round all the local businesses telling them that should anyone require the use of a defib, to simply come knocking.

Now Thursdays are also our advanced group Kettlebell Class, which runs from 6.30pm. Because of the Pub Quiz, we’ve changed the parameters slightly and opened it up to everyone for this class only. it’ll also be starting from 6pm.

To sum up:

  1. Tonights Kettlebell class, 6-7pm, open to ALL. Get booked in by hitting this button:Advanced Kettlebell Class

  2. Pub Quiz in the Lombard pub for the HOPS guys, 7pm.

Your job:

  1. Lift Kettles, be awesome.

  2. Attend Pub quiz, give money, be awesomer.

youre awesome

As for me, I’ll be online over the long weekend. Hope to be back in the gym at full service by Tuesday, but I’ll keep you posted.

Till next time

Dave Hedges

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