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When you work out the breathing, you can get away with so much

Had a great conversation yesterday with a client who came back after a lay off.

This lad is a regular guy, wears a suit to work, wife, two kids, just wants to feel better, move better and play with his kids.

He’d been missing for a while, as happens as his job gets quite intense and often sends him away on business trips.

So when he was in yesterday going through his program, I kept an extra bit of an eye on him.

And yes, you could see the rust, but not to the extent I was expecting.

Chatting after the session he said:

“When you work out the breathing, you can get away with so much!”

I could have high fived him!

Breathing is THE most fundamental element we have to work.

My thought process has always been to look for the commonalities between methods, styles systems etc.

Look at what all the various schools teach and see what links them.

The differences are unimportant to me, the similarities are the gold, that’s where the truth lies.

And all good training systems from Powerlifting to Kettlebell Lifting, Pilates to Punching People all have strong thoughts on how to breathe.

It’s a topic that often comes up in the WG-Fit Online Training Group and my in person clients are forever listening to me harp on about.

I’ll talk about specific breathing practices for specific outcomes in tomorrows blog


Dave Hedges

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