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When there’s no excuses, there are no limits

It’s bank holiday Sunday, the sun is shining, I’ve no appointments to keep, what should I do?

Well chillin out is the first choice but the weathers too good to waste, so…….

Here’s today’s impromptu No Equipment workout:

· Out the front door and fast 20 min run to and along the beach. Great warm up, plus agility work as the beach has some seriously big rocks to jump over. · Down to the seafront on the rocks. Find a couple that looked about right for 10 Hindu Pushups, immediately followed by 10 Divebombers. · Jump across to a flat bit and 25 Hindu squats facing one way, followed by 25 facing the other (ground wasn’t completely flat so I turned around after the first 25 for the sake of evenness) · Spotted two big rocks spaced just right to do a couple of 1arm/1leg pushups per side · Jumped over to the flat section for a couple of pistol squats per side

Then I remembered the soccer pitch just up the hill so away I went and did 5 sets of: · 50m sprint to the goal post · 5 “maxercist” burpees (a Hindu push up followed by a jump to the crossbar for a pull up)

Then I jogged slowly home. Very slowly.

Door to door in 50 minutes.

I was tired going out, but feel refreshed and powerful now. Tiredness is not an excuse.


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