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"What's the one..."

I was just scrolling through the internet and spotted a post from a dude posting, "What's the one piece of equipment we use everyday?"

This is a guy who's well known in certain areas of fitness, but who in my mind regularly jumps the shark.

Case in point, in the years of content he's put out, I've NEVER seen this tool in his hands until this post!

It's an example of snake oil bullshit, as per the norm.

Here's a list of the tools I use every day:

The floor My Lungs

My Legs

Kit I use several times per week:


Kit I use several times per month:

Indian Clubs

Bulgarian Bags

Anyone doing a "One" post is aiming for your wallet, it's a low brow trick that mars the fitness industry.

What should we be selling?


Quality information.


How should we be selling it?

By showing real results from our clients.

Everything you "NEED" comes preinstalled.

Kit may amplify the training effect, but it's not absolutely necessarry.

Don't want to use a Kettlebell?

No fucking problem, I got you, we can use bodyweight, bulgarian bags, barbells, medicine balls.

What's your preference?

All I will ever insist you have available is floor space and your lungs.

Dave Hedges

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