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What helped people to get through 2021

Another strange year behind us.

After talking to Friends and clients here is a list of things that helped them to go through the past year.

1. Exercise.

Definitely one of the biggest things that helped people to manage stress. Being able to train at home, gym, to go for a cycle or run etc.

Bjj guys missed their pyjama parties and trying to break each others limbs, Thai boxers missed kicking and punching each other.

Bootcamp and lunchtime crew missed lifting KB and hitting the tyre with the sledgehammer, the most popular equipment this year.

2. Taking care of Their diets.

Learning how to cook, eating nutritious foods helped many to feel better and don't gain too much weight.

3. Being surrounded by people with a dark sense of humour and slagging each other off.

Making fun of each other where no one get's offended can be a great way to start the day.

We get plenty of that in WG.

A lot of us couldn't visit our families abroad and WG became our home, our Family

4. Having some kind of routine in the day.

5. Listening and watching less news was another biggie for many.

6. Accepting the things one can't change.

7. Realising that as long we have roof over our heads and food on the table we are ok.

8. Meeting and talking to Friends and Family.

Let's hope for a better year of 2022.

Whatever comes our way we will get through it. Many of you here are a lot tougher and resilient that you think you are.

Attitude is everything.

All the best in 2022.


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