What can you take from watching Biles and Kipchoge?

What a weekend of incredible achievements

The ones that really stood out to me are:

Eluid Kipchoge running a 26.2 mile marathon course in under 2 hours.

Crossing the line in 1hr, 59 mins and 40 secs, cheered on by his pace team

Simone Biles becoming the most successful gymnast of all time with 25 medals, 18 of which are gold, from the world championships

Brigid Kosgei beating the women’s Marathon world record which has stood since 2003

Rhys McClenaghan being the first Irish Gymnast to reach the finals of the World Championships, and then he wins a Bronze mendal!

Rhys celebrating with his coach

If this doesn’t leave you inspired and feeling you could take on the world, I don’t what will?

Kipchoge, amongst all of the above is the special case. And his quote:

No human is limited

Is especially fitting.

It’s long been my opinion that we are limited only by our imagination, our mindset. Yes, of course there are genetic limits, there’s no way, at 6’1 and 100kg’s, that I could spring off the floor like the 4’8, 47kg Biles!

Biles celebrating with her coach after becoming the greatest gymnast in history

And it’s been 20 years (and 20kg’s) since I ran at the speed Kipchoge is running, and even then I was exhausted at 10K, he did over 40Km’s!

Genetically I have limitations, I know this. I’m not built for gymnastics, and while I was a decent runner back in the day, I was no world beater.

But that didn’t ever stop me, nor should it stop you.

My last half marathon finished in 1hr 45issh, Kipchoge would have finished 45 minutes ahead of me!

There’s no reason I think of that can’t set sights on a goal, create a plan, and get after it.

Kipchoge attempted this time before and failed. Now, he’s done it, and I dare say it won’t be too long before he, or someone up coming, achieves this time under actual race conditions.

But the point is:

He attempted the unknown. He failed. He trained. He reattempted, now knowing more. He succeeded.

Simple. Not easy.

It doesn’t matter how many times you fail along the way. Go to google and check out gymnastic training, see how many times these graceful superhumans fall on the their faces in practice.

Those world championship routines are products of years of training, of falling off the bars, of mistiming landings, of repeated failures, each time learning, each time chipping away until we see the polished product at the end.

It’s a process. And that is what I’d like you to take from this.

It’s not about being the best.

It’s about being better than you were yesterday. And showing those around you what is possible.

No human is limited. Attitude is Everything.

And everything is trainable.

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