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WG-Fit Xmas

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

I know the lockdown roles are fluid at the moment and our open/closed status is fluid as a response

But we have decided that we will definitely be closed between 23/12 - 4/1 inclusive.

We can't predict what will be happening in January, but if our plans change we'll let you know.

During this period myself and Seb will be checking our various inboxes intermittently. If you need us, drop us a line, you will get an answer within 48 hours.

That said, this is Xmas in the strangest year I remember.

So I would like you to take your foot off the pedal, to rest and relax.

This idea is uncomfortable for more people than I ever realised.

The #wgfamily turned out to be an even bigger bunch of savages than even I thought possible!

And that has shown itself by the number of folk that have been in touch talking about how they're genuinely struggling in these locked down, work and train from home circumstances. They're feeling like caged animals!

I had this conversation with one of our wandering Wild Geese.

He had experienced his first ever bout of depression like symptoms.

Symptoms that, through conversation, seemed to be coming from his perceived reality disconnecting from his actual reality.

It is this disconnect between perceptions or expectations of reality and actual reality that can lead us onto the slippery slope into depression and/or anxiety

In this lads case, I asked him to lean into these feelings, this "pre-depression" to take it as a message that his brain was trying to tell him something.

Yesterday, he sent me this:

He means the bit about carving, he's an IT guy who's taken up woodworking.

But I digress

He, like many have never faced a time like this, and the fatigue that comes from it.

Over the last few months I've written a lot about down regulating the nervous system, using breathwork, using eye focus and so on.

All this information is intended to help you, to train your mind and body to operate optimally.

To recover faster

To focus better

To react in the most appropriate manner

But if your perceptions / expectations still aren't brought into line with the reality of the situation, the breathwork etc will offer a temporary help, and depending on the severity of the disconnect, a reduced response over time.

There are times when you simply need to say, "fuck it"

Times that you slob out, relax, allow yourself to surrender to the situation.

The situation currently is Xmas

Which means for most people (at least those outside of the medical field, first responders and so on) your phone and email are going to go quiet.

For a few days at least.

Sink into this.

It will all kick off again in a few days.

This is your opportunity to reset.

Once we're on the other side, we'll be back in full swing.

Till then

Have a great Xmas


Dave Hedges

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