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WG-Fit Merch!

Over the years I've done limited runs on WG-Fit merchandise.

Usually in conjunction with a charity we've worked with.

One major problem we had with merchandise was storage, Wild Geese is a utilitarian space, there isn't a square inch we don't use. So storage was always a problem.

But, our website providers have partnered with Printful, which essentially means I don't need to hold a stock.

So you can rock the WG-Fit logo and represent like I know you like to!

Check out the hoodie with the subtle embroidered Logo:

There's another printed hoodie available too.

Pair this with the "Attitude" training T-Shirt

And for our female members, what could be better than WG-Fit leggings?

There's other kit there too, with more coming.

I mentioned charities above.

Currently we have no affiliations, the strong relationship we had with the Rehab Mental Health group became strained as the new management sought to take advantage of our generosity and change the way the money we raised for them was used.

However, I still have a huge love for the world of mental health and am looking to launch a charity item once again, most likely to raise funds for the Mental Health Reform, a charity that are both doing research into Mental Health treatments and using that evidence to push for change in the Republic of Ireland Mental Health legislation. Unfortunately, due to swapping between computers I have lost our Mind Over Metal logo, but am reaching out to people who may have it to be able to get a new design ready for a charity T-Shirt.

Keep your eyes peeled


Dave Hedges

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