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Welcome to 2023

It is my hope that this year continues in the same vein as the latter part of 2022.

In that, we made a solid return to regular life.

WG-FIT has been regaining momentum after the lock downs. Many old members came back and many new ones joined our ranks.

Online I have been working with a great many of you which has been an absolute pleasure.

In one day, through the power of Zoom I could be working in Dublin, Germany, the USA and more. Which is admittedly pretty cool.

So, 2023.

Here's what we do....

We keep that momentum rolling forward.

Before the year kicks off properly, we take stock of the last few years.

We think about the time isolated.

The time family members were isolated from us.

We think about how we had to learn to love our own company. Which makes us mentally robust.

We had to improvise our exercise, find creative solutions and become self propelled. Which makes us psychologically robust.

We trained. Some at home, some outside, some had access to private studios. Keeping yourself physically robust.

The mission now is to keep that rolling forward.

What have we learned over the last couple of years that we can bring with us into this next 12 months?

What did we learn about ourselves that we should leave behind?

And know that you have the WG family in your corner supporting you as you go.

All you have to do is reach out


Dave Hedges

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