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Week 3 – My Favorite week

Today is the Monday of my favorite week in every month. It is week three of the Boot Camp, and I love it.

Week three is the most intense week, the weights are heavier, the sprints faster and the circuits tougher. But without a doubt, those that make it this far as serious about making progress, when they walk onto the floor at 7am, there is a an air of focus and intensity around them, I can simply wind them up and off they go.

By week three we have eliminated any passengers on the journey.

This revolution of the Boot Camp has a couple of fresh bodies, people who aren’t too familiar with my methods, and on more than one occasion I wondered if they’d get this far, but as id often the case, by week three they’ve changed. Now they are hunting the extra weight, that extra rep, staying late and doing extra sets. They’re supporting each other, helping and assisting each other.

This is what the Wild Geese Boot Camp is all about, it’s about pushing as hard as you can, building your mental and physical strength, endurance and fortitude and all the while helping those in the group less experienced or less able.

Today, Pascal who was nervous of the 16kg bell on week one pressed out the 24kg bell and squatted a pair of 28’s for 4 reps. Shane, who’s a regular, finally got past the 32kg bells on the front squat and surprised himself with 3 reps with a pair of 36’s. This was after he’d push pressed the 40kg, easily for a single each arm Simon, stole Shanes thunder on the squat, blasting out a powerful 5 reps on the 36’s, and once again walking out to face a day in the office with a massive grin on his face, knowing that this morning he’s achieved something he never thought possible.

This is why I do what I do.

Fo myself, it’s a back off week, on Saturday I’m in Kilkenny for the Long Cycle competition. I hate back weeks, especially when they coincide with week three on the Boot Camp!

If you think you have what it takes to push your boundaries with what is arguably the toughest, and most effective Bootcamp Ireland has to offer, drop me a line and register for April 11th.


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