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We’re finally ONLINE!

I’ve been promising it for to long, but finally here we are delivering on that promise.

For the longest time I’ve been wanting to take what we do in Wg-Fit online. Mostly because we have so many former (not “Ex”) members who have moved away, but still keep in touch. Facebook is great for this, we get regular messages from Italy, France, Australia, Mexico, Florida, Canada and so many other parts of the world where our Wild Geese have flown to. And so often they ask for the workouts we are doing in the gym so they can do them wherever they are.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, here it is, the WG-Fit Workout of the Day, which is being hosted on the excellent TrainHeroic platform:

As a special Launch Promo if you enter the code: ” WGFitLaunchOffer ” you will get 50% off for first 3 months) This expires in 1 month,  so don’t think to hard…..

The Train Heroic platform has almost everything I’ve been looking for in order to get this service running, including an easy and convenient message service where you can brag, complain, ask for help and offer support.

I’d love to see you on it.

Click here to go to the App and find out more:

There will be more programs from our training floor added soon. Including our infamous Bootcamp program, Kettlebell Sport programs and of course individualised training plans as we get to them.

Exciting times are ahead


Dave Hedges

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