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We all have an expiration date.

We all have an expiration date.

Realizing that alone should make us appreciate our Friends, family, the little things in life a little bit more. Forget about who is right or wrong and our little fight we sometimes have.

In the last few weeks, some of my Family members, people I know have died or got really bad news from their doctors.

All of them are men, some of them in their 40’s with Families, which is heart-breaking.

In one case a bad headache turned out to be deadly in the next 2 months, unfortunately leaving a family behind.

Some of you reading this may be in a situation like that, where somebody you know is sick or died. What I want to say is that we should appreciate every day on this flying rock, be kind to each other as much as we can, don’t take things to seriously and enjoy the bad and the good times here, but again, you probably heard that before as well like I did.

The question is, are we doing it?

A lot of us need a reminder because of how fast we live our lives.

Most of the time I don’t get mad at situations that I cannot change, this makes life a bit easier, sometimes take things as they come, sometimes. I am far from perfect, I have a lot of flaws.

My plan is to leave this body in a pretty used/bad shape, scarred and beaten up after all the things I did with it.

Whoever reads this blog post knows that lifting weights, moving, practicing martial arts, eating a reasonably good diet will probably make you live longer. Sometimes shit happens, but at least we did our best to not let it happen.

We are all going to die, hopefully in our sleep thanking for a great ride while it lasted 😊

I hope this post is not upsetting anyone, talking about death may be healthy sometimes. I talked about that to my parents recently and it was actually funny at the end.

The thought of us dying should make us not afraid, but maybe see things from a different perspective, forget about some small fight with Friends and Family, forgive people their mistakes or whatever mistakes you’ve made.

Just my thoughts which probably many of you already had anyway.

I wish you a happy, long life.

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1 Comment

Well said Seb. So sorry for your loss.

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