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Vasilijs Ginko, Kettlebell Master in Belfast

Over the last few months we’ve been teasing you with the following text on our newsletter:

If you are looking for authentically trained and recognised* coaches of Girevoy Sports/ Kettlebells, look no further than the real deal of the metal Vasilijs Ginko, 7 Time World Record holder Master Coach from the motherland of Kettlebells. *TAFISA Association only work with the finest as they are overseen by the I.O.C. which is why they have accepted the I.U.K.L. as their only recognised and official Kettlebell Association, working together to bring Girevoy Sports to the Olympic Games.

Well, sorry to say, you probably missed your chance to see one of the all time great Kettlebell masters come to these shores. Kettlebells have received a huge amount of publicity of late and as a result there are many “YouTube guru’s” and “Kettlebell Kultists” out there peddling misinformation and poor technique. This is the reason why attending seminars, like the weekend jut passed, and seeing how the masters do it is so important.

Plus, there are now a small group of people that have the privilege of holding a level one instructor certification from non other than the 7 times World record holder Vasilijs Ginko. Wild Geese Instructor, Dave Hedges is one of this group.

Unlike many Kettlebell camps and certifications, there is only a small emphasis placed on the students physical fitness, instead Vasilijs spends a lot of time on technical ability. His attention to detail and ability to correct even slight errors with just a few words is incredible to see, you could see every member of the group improve immensely in just a few short hours of tuition. Although when it came tot the certification, it does require a certain level of physical fitness in order to complete the exam, especially while maintaining perfect technique. While he focused mainly on the classical lifts, the swing, snatch, clean and jerk, he also showed juggling and general strength and conditioning drills. But is the classical lifts that really separate the kettlebell from other forms of training. Few drills can match the simplicity of the swing, the full body ferocity of the clean & Jerk and the lung burning dynamism of the snatch.

For more on kettlebells, kettlebell training and buying your own bells, drop us a line on

And of course, take a look at the homepage of the All Ireland Kettlebell Lifting Federation, the only group in Ireland associated to Vasilijs and his group. Their homepage is , if you are in the north, give AIKLF head coach Jason a shout and say hello from us. Regards Wild Geese every cause but our own Kenpo / Eskrima / BJJ / Strength & Conditioning +353 87 672 6090 Facebook / Twitter / RSS feed

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